New HTC smartphone already getting good reviews


Taiwanese phone maker HTC is tired of being the third largest phone maker in the world. They want to be number one. And the HTC One is the phone they hope will get them there.

"They're coming from behind here," said Michael Gorman, Engadget Senior Associate Editor. "I mean, when you're talking about sheer volume of handsets, Apple and Samsung are far and away the top of the heap."

But Gorman says with a phone like this, Apple and Samsung had better watch out.

"I think you could make a pretty sound argument that it's probably the finest hardware you can find in a phone anywhere," he said.

The phone's made of solid aluminum, with two big speakers in the front, a full HD screen, and a huge camera that does cool tricks.

But if you ask sales manager Jose de Ocampo what really makes customers swoon, he'd say the first thing they notice is the feel of it.

And that could explain why HTC has set up eight pop-up showrooms in cities across the country, including San Francisco.

HTC is really betting that the new phone will sell itself once it gets into consumers' hands. From what we've seen so far, that may actually be working.

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