2 Marin homes hit by gunfire, children almost hit

MARIN, Calif.

Those two children are part of two different families that live less than a mile from each other in Marin City. They were nearly victims of what witnesses tell us was a running gun fight Thursday night between shooters in two different vehicles.

Alina Maunder was sitting in the back seat of her cousin's SUV with her 3-year-old daughter, Summer, sitting beside her. They were just about to get home when her cousin saw two cars speeding up behind them.

"She pulled over right across the street from my house and when the first car got on the side of us, began to shoot at us," said Alina.

Summer was almost hit by a bullet fragment. Meanwhile, the father, Julian Maunder, was in his living room with his son when he heard the shots coming from the street.

"I hear the cars coming, because you could hear the engines coming and then I hear four shots, 'bah, bah, bah, bah...' I jump, I tell my son to get down because I don't know where the shots are coming from," said Julian. "I'm a little angry, because I mean, who wants to think about their child being shot up in front of your house no less."

Just moments before, and less than a mile down the street, witnesses describe a spray of bullets between shooters in two different vehicles at the corner of Flemings Court and Terrace Drive. A stray bullet from that exchange hit a fence, passed through it and came into a house.

The woman who lives there asked us not to identify her because she's worried for her family's safety. She says her 3-year-old daughter had just asked the babysitter to read her a book on the floor. When he got on the ground, the shooting started and a bullet came through the wall next to the chair he had just been sitting in. It whizzed by them and went into another wall.

Both families are lucky no one got hurt and they're angry this violence is happening in their neighborhood.

"I'm just amazed at how much it's grown, and it's hit here in front of my home, and we could have been dead," said Alina.

The woman whose home was hit by gunfire tells us she will likely move out of the neighborhood after this shooting.

This all happened around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday and Marin County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for witnesses to help identify the cars involved and any suspects.

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