Man arrested for prowling near Gov. Brown's condo


Police say Jamal Johnson, 26, managed to prowl onto the balcony of Brown's condo in Sacramento over the weekend -- and this isn't the only such incident.

This is a touchy subject for the CHP since it is their job is to make sure suspicious or potentially dangerous people don't get near the governor or his homes. On Tuesday, Brown revealed that is exactly what happened twice over the past year in both Oakland and Sacramento.

Brown was speaking at the capitol in Sacramento to remember victims of crime when he announced that he, too, almost became a statistic.

"Just a few days ago, a gentleman was found on my balcony trying to break in. I live on top of PF Chang's there on the fourth floor. Luckily I wasn't home," said Brown.

The governor lives on the top floor of a loft several blocks from the capitol. Police say over the weekend a man got to the roof and jumped onto the governor's balcony.

Johnson was arrested for prowling after a neighbor called police who don't think he knew who lived there. Then the governor went on to describe an incident at his home in the Oakland Hills about a year ago when he says three men tried to break in around 1 a.m. while his wife was alone.

"So the CHP luckily came to the scene and held them for 40 minutes and they said they were looking to buy real estate in the neighborhood. And the Oakland Police let them go because the CHP deferred to them. Well, that's not going to happen anymore," said Brown.

A CHP security detail is assigned to the governor and his wife at all times, even though it's not always obvious. Unlike Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who travelled with a wall of CHP officers, Brown has enjoyed mingling with the public.

And now he says some men mingled too closely at his Oakland home although it's unknown if they were aware it was the governor of California who lived there.

"Well I was surprised that came out in public. I wasn't aware that it happened, but it kind of makes you more conscious about how safe/unsafe places can be even up here," said Frank Robles, a neighbor.

The CHP would not discuss security measures for the governor or how it handled these two incidents when strangers got so close to the governor's homes.

We've heard no response from the Oakland police department about how its officers dealt with the possible threat at the governor's Bay Area home a year ago.

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