Lake County homes losing battle vs. Mother Nature

The frightening power of Mother Nature is on display in Lakeport, where many are evacuated and worrying their home may be next.

What's happening to this neighborhood is a slow motion catastrophe. Homes are crumbling bit by bit as the ground gives way beneath them.

"It's called Lakeside Heights but we call it also Landslide Heights," said resident Randall Fitzgerald.

Eight homes have been abandoned and 10 more are facing evacuation all because of what seems to be a mysterious and sudden gusher of underground water. Neighbors blame everything from a faulty fire hydrant to a nearby dormant volcano, but no one knows for sure.

It gets worse as neighbors say they've been told that insurance coverage is unlikely.

"Property values are gone. We have no equity. This is in lockdown and probably will be locked down maybe our entire lives," said Fitzgerald.

Sewage pipes have been redirected and even mail carriers have been told to avoid the area, at least until the ground stops moving.

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