Teen with autism turns into superhero at baseball games

May 14, 2013 8:33:04 PM PDT
A superhero is patrolling the little league fields of Abilene, Texas. His name is Devin DeReis and he is known as Mr. Baseball.

He's the goodwill ambassador at his little brother's baseball games. The18-year-old with autism passes out candy and high-fives to kids of all ages.

DeReis's mom came up with the idea.

"You know, he's so private; he wants to be this undercover superhero. So he looks around you know, I see the head bobbing like this and then he gets in the back of the Suburban and he takes that hat off and he goes, 'Mom did you see those kids? They loved me, I was famous,'" said DeReis mother Elaine Marez.

Marez says she just wants her son to experience life as any other teenager would.