Oakland's American Indian Model Schools stay open for now


Parents and administrators in the courtroom were elated.

Back in March the school district revoked the school's charter because of alleged financial improprieties. A spokesperson for the district called the judge's decision is only a temporary setback.

"This is really just a delay in the process. It's not final in any way," said Oakland Unified School District spokesperson Troy Flint.

School administrators appealed to the Alameda County Board of Education to try to reverse the district's decision. But the schools needed a quick ruling to stay open during the summer -- that's why administrators and parents had asked a Superior Court judge to intervene.

The finances of the schools are still under investigation.

"It's quite unfortunate that the accusations and the allegations have been made, none have been proven but our children have proven that this model works and I'm just so excited," said Director of American Indian Model Schools Nabeehah Shakir.

The possible closure of American Indian Model Schools has been hard on parents, teachers and students.

"Today is the first day that I feel like the system, there is somebody saying in the system out there who puts the children first and it will be the first night in a long time that we will go home and celebrate," said parent Nadja Pentic.

If the Alameda County Board of Education wants to close the schools down then the parents and administrators will appeal to California Department of Education. But if the county wants the schools to stay open, the Oakland Unified School District would not appeal the decision.

That decision is expected by July 18.

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