Pressure spike causes three Vallejo water main breaks


A huge flow of water erupted from L. Ellenburg Street in Vallejo around 4 p.m.

The city water distribution manager says the water main break was caused by a spike in pressure at its treatment plant in North Vallejo.

That spike didn't just cause one main to break. Check out the scene at Webb Street and Pearl Court. This break left a sinkhole.

And over on Dillon Drive, a third break left close to 20 homes with little to no water.

"When we drove back from lunch it was all ruptured," Raquel Moore said. "There was water spilling all over the place, there were construction vehicles out there, and they were redirecting traffic."

Moore is at her parent's home for the weekend. She says works crews came by the house.

"They told us that they were going to shut off our water and if we needed to get any water to do it within the next couple of minutes so they could shut off the water line to the house," she said.

But the neighbors across the street say they weren't told anything.

"It's a real inconvenience not to have water," resident Barbara Decius said. "But it would be helpful of course if they had told us that it was off. I mean, we didn't really know we had no water until we didn't have any."

Fellow Vallejo resident Ben Desrosiers added, "I asked the guy give me an estimate when it can be fixed and he said he didn't know until they get down there and see."

Crews worked well into the night to fix the mains so water could be restored to affected residents.

The city says it's trying to figure out why the water pressure spiked so it doesn't happen again.

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