Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson talk 'The Internship'


It's the first time the duo has starred together in a movie since 2005's Wedding Crashers and their chemistry hasn't skipped a beat. They play a pair of salesmen whose careers have been made seemingly obsolete by the digital world. Trying to prove they're still relevant in the age of information, they talk their way into a prestigious Google internship along with a bunch of uber-smart college students. And that's where the fun and competition begins.

The A-list comedians, along with co-star Rose Byrne (Dana), recently sat down with at the Google campus in Mountain View to discuss their latest project and how much the San Francisco Bay Area played a part in it.

Vaughn (Billy) says amidst a sea of sequels hitting the early summer box office, it was nice to work on an original idea with original characters. But even though The Internship may be going against the current tide, some parts of the formula never change.

Wilson says he's been saying all along, "There's got to be a girl, because I've got to do some romancing." And that's where Rose Byrne comes in. She plays the role of an uptight Google executive and describes the chemistry as charming, as Wilson's character (Nick) tries to win her over.

Google has a reputation for being one of the coolest places to work and it appears that Vaughn and Wilson agree, with Vaughn describing the campus as "an all-inclusive Club Med." Vaughn explains that while Google is truly a character in the movie, so is the city of San Francisco.

Funny, warm, optimistic, and local, The Internship opens in theaters June 7.

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