Hands-free texting worse than texting while driving


Researchers for AAA found using voice commands to send text messages and emails is more dangerous than actually using a cellphone. They say voice-texting can take too much of a driver's attention and impair their ability to drive safety.

Car companies have been aiming at younger buyers by marketing hands-free systems for controlling everything from music to answering emails.

But AAA says its study shows the speech-to-text technologies should be restricted and is asking the automotive and electronics industries to limit voice-activated technologies to activities such as windshield wipers or air conditioning.

"This speech-to-text technology should only be used or limited to use to drivers when the vehicle is stopped," AAA spokesperson Yolanda Cade said.

"Driving should be you're main focus, speed, other drivers, brakes, gas pedal, steering wheel," California Highway Patrol Ofc. Chris Falkowski said.

Researchers also found the same true for talking hands-free. It was found to be more dangerous than holding your phone while talking.

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