Sex offender's boat stuck near Richmond playground


It could be weeks before the boat named Phat Woody is moved from the shoreline. People are upset because the boat obstructs the view of the bay and the owner is a registered sex offender.

While the boat owner's crime was deemed minor by law enforcement officials, neighbors are concerned because there is a playground just steps away from where the boat rests.

The owner does not live on the boat. His friends have said they plan to fix the craft and help the owner move it. But if that doesn't happen police will have the authority to remove it on June 24. That's not soon enough for some people.

"Marina Bay is a very beautiful setting on San Francisco Bay, overlooking Brooks Island. And you have a boat that's been abandoned here and it takes them 24 days to get it out. It takes a little bit too long," said developer Richard Poe.

Police counter that there are waterway laws and procedures they need to follow when dealing with someone's property.

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