Family of man shot in Oakland seeks public's help


Aya Nakano was shot in North Oakland two weeks ago when he pulled his car over after a minor fender bender.

"The toughest part is waiting for him to walk through that door and asking me, 'what's for dinner?'" said Nakano's mother, Maria Climaco.

Wednesday will mark two weeks since the 22-year-old was shot was killed. Tuesday afternoon family and friends of Nakano gathered in the spot where he was murdered.

Police have not identified a suspect in the case.

"Whoever knows anything about the people who did this to Aya, to please, I encourage them to come forward," said Climaco.

The family is not stopping there. They announced they have increased the amount of the reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction to $35,000.

"The loss that my family and our friends is tremendous and we still feel it now and we will continue to do so until this is actually, until again those criminals are apprehended," said Nakano's uncle Troy Aquino.

Police detectives took paint samples from Nakano's bumper hoping to match it to the suspect's car. Investigators are also using surveillance video from the area.

"Investigators have a lot of video. They're still reviewing video," said Johnna Watson of the Oakland Police Department.

Authorities say Nakano did what everyone is supposed to do when they're involved in a car accident -- pull over and get out of the car to make sure no one is hurt.

More than two dozen fliers hang in the neighborhood where Nakano was killed. Police say it only takes one person who may have seen or heard something to come forward and provide a much needed break in the case.

Nakano's friends and classmates are holding a benefit on July 13 to help the family pay off his college loans and add even more money to the reward being offered.

Nakano was just a mile away from home.

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