Oakland to dismiss parking tickets issued during city strike


Service Employees International Union Local 1021 and Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21, unions that represent about 2,470 Oakland city employees, held a one-day strike Monday demanding better compensation.

While parking enforcement officers were among the employees on strike, at least one parking employee showed up to work Monday, city spokeswoman Karen Boyd said.

The employee, who has the legal right to work during a strike, issued a number of citations. Other street sweeping-related parking citations were also issued, Boyd said.

However, city officials had announced before Monday's strike that there would be no parking enforcement that day as a result of the work stoppage.

As a result, the city is honoring that statement and dismissing all citations issued on Monday by Oakland parking enforcement staff.

Anyone who received a parking citation by the city on Monday will automatically be sent a dismissal letter and will not be required to formally contest the citation. Anyone who does not receive a letter within the next 15 business days can call (800) 500-6484.

City officials noted that any citations issued by the California Highway Patrol, Alameda County Sheriff's Office, Alameda County Transit Authority or other non-city agency will not be dismissed.

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