Group plans to fight CCSF accreditation loss


A small group of students and instructors met near the North Bay campus of City College of San Francisco. They're pledging to fight a decision to pull the accreditation of the school.

"It's not going to happen because we are not going to let it happen," said Wendy Kaufmyn, an engineering instructor.

She says plenty of improvements have been made at the beleaguered school since the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges called for changes. She says the best thing students can do to help is continue signing up for classes.

"Students need to tell all their other student friends that City College is open and accredited. It's still offering extremely high-quality, affordable education," said Kaufmyn.

But any credits earned at CCSF after next summer could be tough to transfer to other schools, if the decision to pull accreditation stands. And popular programs could be jeopardy.

"The City College has a wonderful culinary training program. Well, if you got rid of City College, the people that want to get restaurant training have to go to some private institution and pay tons of money," said Nancy Kato, a CCSF student.

The culinary program has long been regarded as one of the best education bargains in the region. Students can earn a two-year culinary certificate for about $2,200. Tuition at a private academy in the city can cost as much as $19,000 each year.

"I think people need to stand up and let public officials know, let the governor know, that this is unacceptable, that we're not standing for the closure of City College," said Kato.

The hope is to pressure the accrediting agency to ease their sanctions against City College. They're planning a march next Tuesday from the Downtown campus to the Department of Education.

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