Oregon toddler uses dad's smartphone to buy car on eBay


Little Sorella Stoute of Portland is the buyer of a 1962 Austin-Healy Sprite. Pictures of the car show it needs a lot of work.

The 14-month old bought the new set of wheels by punching buttons on her father's phone, using an eBay app.

The girl's father, Paul Stoute, didn't even know what happened until he received an email congratulating him on his purchase.

Still, he says he's relieved his daughter only spent about $225 on her first car.

"Initial panic," Stoute said. "Just what do we do? I mean, we can't really afford it kind of thing, but I'm just glad she didn't buy the $38,000 Porsche I was also looking at."

Dad says he might keep it and fix it up to give to his daughter for her graduation or her sixteenth birthday. He's started a Kickstarter page to help pay for that.

Stoute also added security on his phone.

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