Bacon Bacon SF restaurant allowed to reopen


The Planning Commission decided the Bacon Bacon SF restaurant can reopen at its Haight District location.

Bacon Bacon has operated a food truck for a while, but it had to close its first brick-and-mortar establishment after neighbors complained of the strong smell coming from the sizzling bacon.

The owner will have to install an air filtration system and the restaurant is expected to reopen soon.

"I don't want to restrict my hours. I don't want to tell people they can't put a dog outside for a minute or two while they wait for their sandwich. The truck can only park there 15 minutes a day. Those are things that are unreasonable," said Bacon Bacon SF restaurant owner Jim Angelus earlier in the day.

News of the San Francisco food fight appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday and crews from ABC's "Good Morning America" and other network TV shows are also covering Thursday's hearing.

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