Seahawks fans want bricks at 49ers new stadium


Niners Coach Jim Harbaugh and Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll were rivals when they were at Stanford and USC, and fans are now taking it up a notch. Some of the rival fans are trying to leave their mark on Levi's Stadium.

The entrance to the stadium is taking shape. Commemorative bricks purchased by 49er fans will soon line the front walk with personal messages, but some trash-talking Seattle Seahawks fans have other ideas. They're quietly raising money online to buy bricks of their own.

Local fans are fired up. "I don't think they shouldn't be allowed to basically graffiti the Niners stadium," 49ers fan Kevin Chapman said.

"We can't allow that, not at our house. I mean I don't think they wouldn't allow Niners fans to do the same thing at their stadium," Tony Tran said.

On a Reddit message board, Seahawks fans are chiming in with ideas to raz the "49er faithful." They've also reportedly raised $700 to buy a brick or two.

Asked if he would care if there was a brick that said "Go Seahawks" in the middle of all the other bricks, Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews said, "I think there's going to be lots of messages, but I think they'll be appropriate and they'll be screened through Fundraisers Ltd. And I know that they have great success to be able to make sure the messages are appropriate and everyone feels welcome."

Fundraisers Ltd., the Idaho company which engraves the bricks, makes it very clear on their website that it reserves the right to refuse printing inscriptions which may be inappropriate.

Around Levi's Stadium, "Go Seahawks" likely won't make the cut.

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