San Francisco airport tests out food trucks


One major concern is the space needed to park the food trucks. As many travelers know space is limited to drop people off at the airport so that is why SFO has arranged for the food trucks to park at the very end of Terminal 1. There will be only two food trucks at a time for three hours, once a week. The airport has set up some tables nearby inside the doors so people can sit and eat near the food trucks.

Some passengers are excited to try it out since they know the food inside the airport can be expensive. Others expressed concern for the food businesses inside, however SFO told the restaurant employees about the food trucks and most employees seem excited about the idea. They know the food trucks are there for just a few hours per week.

"It really began as an employee suggestion, but it is open not only to airport employees but to airport passengers as well. So we're really excited about it," said SFO spokesperson Doug Yakel. "We want to maintain the safe, efficient movement of our roadways so we were only able to accommodate two food trucks at a time."

This is just a trial run to see how people respond to the idea. SFO officials say they haven't heard of any other airports in the country having restaurant food trucks.

After lunch it was clear the food trucks were a huge hit. The Hawaiian truck sold out in 2.5 hours. They went through 60 pounds of Kalua Pork and 40 pounds of chicken.

ABC7 News reporter Vic Lee contributed to this report.

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