East Oakland neighborhood mourns loss of "Pet Nanny"


Police have some surveillance video they're taking a look at and have gathered some fingerprint evidence from the scene. They haven't talked about a motive, but neighbors are convinced it was robbery.

The 24 hundred block of Fern Street, next to the home of peace cemetery is described by neighbors as "shady".

"Well, I'm talking about drug dealers, I'm talking about people who live a lesser life style, if you will, for lack of a better term," said neighbor Darrald Tyler.

Tyler says they hang out on this block where 66-year-old Salamon drove up just before 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

On Thursday candles and flowers mark the spot where she was shot, sitting in her car, mid-block, in the middle of the street.

"It was somebody with a gun who was looking for stuff to steal and figured if you walk out in front of a car they'll stop and if it's a woman they've got a purse," said neighbor Joel Denney, who has been friends with Salamon for 20 years. "She took care of my cats when I was out of town and I took care of her animals when she was out of town."

She had a reputation on the street for caring for people's pets and their owners.

"The last conversation I had with Judy was about trying to coalesce this patrol, that we were going to hire a private patrol service," said neighbor Mike Martzke. He says he and Salamon were talking up the idea of hiring private security to patrol the area in the middle of the day, if they could just get enough neighbors to chip in. He told us, "I almost feel like maybe that would've made the difference, maybe that...you know, you just never know."

Police have gathered video from a surveillance camera atop an apartment building on the block. They also collected liquor bottles from next to the sidewalk and are finger printing them.

The neighborhood in shock over the loss.

"She was one of those neighbors like a one in a million neighbor, like the one who takes care of your animals when you're out of town, the one who saves the bunnies. I mean literally, you can't make this stuff up. She was that kind of a woman, she was a concerned neighbor," said Martzke.

A note on Salamon's door hangs from Animal Services saying her pet Chihuahua has been taken in for safe keeping.

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