Omega Procedure offers hope for migraine sufferers

Lulu Alvarado, a teenager from Texas, says she no longer lives in pain after undergoing a little known surgical treatment, called the Omega Procedure.

Here's how it works: A small rechargeable battery is implanted on the lower back, just under the skin.

Tiny wires lead up to the forehead then deliver gentle electric charges to the nerves that cause headache pain, with the intent of preventing those pain signals from reaching the brain.

While it's helped people like Alvarado, some doctors say the $100,000 procedure is not for everyone.

"Surgical procedures of this type, because of the risk and the cost, must be reserved for people who have failed even the most advanced treatments well beyond just medicines alone," Dr. Joel Saper said.

Doctors say there's more to learn about the treatment, including the ultimate risks to long-term treatment.

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