Representative explains San Jose gentleman's club activity

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The signs are up, the job seekers are coming and Downtown San Jose's only gentleman's club is set to open in nine days.

"I'm just trying to get a job as a dancer again. It's a new club so I'm excited," said Heather Henderson, a dancer.

Henderson is glad Gold Club will be a bikini bar. Nudity is not an option. It wasn't a voluntary choice, there's a city wide ban against it, but the dancers will strip down to their bikinis and offer lap dances.

"Lap dancing will be allowed, touching of the dancers will not be allowed, everything will be very much on the up and up," said George Mull, a Gold Club Ownership attorney.

City Councilman Sam Liccardo doesn't believe it. He wants more regulations on touching, tipping, lighting and alcohol.

"Bikini clubs, strip clubs have a uniquely adverse impact on crime in a community," said Liccardo.

"This is a bikini bar. It should have no more restrictions than the local Hooters," said Mull.

Right now, AJ's is the only bikini bar in town. Unlike the Gold Club, which is surrounded by restaurants and condos, AJ's is in an industrial area where neighbors don't mind them.

"Over all the years I really haven't noticed any type of issues or things going on," said Roberto Roselli, the owner of Roselli's Foreign Car Repair.

The Rules and Open Government Committee will hear about Liccardo's list of regulations on August 7. That will also be the public's first chance to comment on the Gold Club.

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