Team mascots train at camp in Kansas

July 31, 2013 12:31:25 PM PDT
They're coordinated, appear to be athletic, and they entertain the crowd at sporting events. And to do that, it takes practice!

We're not talking about the athletes, we're talking about the mascots!

The mascots traveled to Washburn University in Kansas to train at mascot camp. They are preparing for their upcoming sports seasons.

The camp is led by David Raymond, who spent more than 16 years as Phillie Phanatic, the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Mascots and mascot coordinators learned not only how to work the crowd but how to stay safe, how to handle their costume, and the power of fan loyalty.

Mascot handlers say it is a tough job but well worth the hard work.

This is the second year for the university to host a camp like this.