Website takes indecision out of booking vacation travel

SAN FRANCISCO is a website headquartered in a San Francisco loft. It has all the usual tools to book travel but it also has a Pick Two, Get One feature where you plan two trips then agree to let the website decide which trip you take.

"You pick your flights, you pick your itineraries, you get to design two perfect trips. Then you let GetGOing pick the final one. And, if you are willing to do that and let us pick one of your two perfect trips, then we can get you up to 40 percent off your flights," said Robb Henshaw of

It's something that sounds too good to be true, so 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney checked it out.

Finney found a flight for two passengers on United Airlines from San Francisco to Tampa for $878.20. The same fare on was $878.20. He then chose the Pick Two, Get One option; one trip to Tampa and one to Miami. The price was $647.84, a savings of $230.36.

"Airlines want to give leisure travelers higher discounts to incentivize them to travel more and to fill more seats. And by doing this, you prove that you're not a business traveler who needs to be in one specific place at a specific time," said Henshaw.

Michael Martinovsky has booked through GetGOing.

"The trip was awesome. I mean, it's kind of fun playing Russian roulette with your travel," he said.

His trip went off without a hitch and he has already booked through the site again.

"We wanted a European vacation. So, to us it didn't make a difference whether we're going to Italy, or Spain, or England. We picked two places we'd like to go. For us, that was equivalent because we just wanted a nice European vacation," said Martinovsky.

"It is literally a digital flip of the coin… there's no way to tell which one you are going to get," said Henshaw.

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