7 On Your Side helps man get refund for defective watch


Richard Kadel was in a dilemma. His new watch broke once, then twice, and then the store offered a third one. However, he realized if that one broke, he'd be out of warranty and out of luck.

Kadel just wanted a wristwatch he could read without wearing his glasses. After a long search he found just the right one.

"It's a very large format watch and I could easily read it and so I bought it," he said.

The Diesel watch made by Fossil had a gigantic display, so he had no trouble reading it. The watch kept perfect time for a few months.

"It would actually start losing time rather seriously," he said.

Kadel noticed the watch started running a little slow, then very slow, and then the final blow. "The stem just broke off," he said.

Kadel showed 7 On Your Side a picture of what the watch should look like. There's a tiny stem on the side that is used to set the time. However, on Kadel's watch, that stem was gone. He was just left with a hole on the side of his watch.

"When the stem breaks off, the watch stops and it's dead," he said.

So Kadel returned the timepiece to the Watch Station where he'd bought it. The store gave him a new one for free.

"I was very happy about that. No big hassle," he said.

Once again, Kadel had a watch he could read without his glasses. However, once again, the watch started running a little slow. Then very slow and then, you guessed it.

"The exact same thing happened, the stem fell off again," he said.

Kadel thinks the stem sticks out too far, so when he bends his wrist it also bends that tiny piece until it snaps off.

"So, I went back to the store and I said I wanted a refund because I thought this was a design flaw the way it was made," he said.

The store offered another replacement watch, but Kadel thought it woud just break again and then the warranty was running out so he called Michael Finney for help.

7 On Your Side contacted the Watch Station and the store really stepped up. It gave Kadel a full refund of $151, plus a $50 gift card.

In a statement, the company said : "It is always our intention to offer great customer service, and are pleased that Mr. Kadel is happy with the outcome. Prior to this situation, we had not experienced any customer issues with this watch."

"I was delighted. I watch Michael Finney and I see these people who get satisfaction with your help and now I am a member of that group," Kadel said.

We'd like to thank Watch Station for providing that refund and the extra gift card.

If you buy a product that doesn't work and can't get your money back, contact 7 On Your Side for help.

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