Owner fights to keep pit bull alive after mauling


The boy's mother told ABC7 News she is disgusted with the owner's decision to try to keep those dogs alive because the dogs nearly killed her son.

Wednesday night, friends, family even people who don't know 10-year-old Hunter Kilbourn came out to raise money for his medical bills. The fundraiser was held at a restaurant in Brentwood.

"Being a mother and having to see everything that he's going through, if not for the support that I received, I don't think I would be able to get through it as well as I have been," said Melody Ralls, Hunter's mother.

Two pit bulls attacked Hunter 10 days ago while he was playing at a neighbor's house. One dog was scheduled to be euthanized on Wednesday, but Antioch police say the owners are now asking for a hearing to decide the fate of both dogs.

"I look at him and his wounds on his body and it breaks my heart, but to him he's just Hunter and he's just getting his spirits back," said Ralls.

The news was a letdown for Hunter's mother who would not comment specifically about the neighbor's decision. But her attorney said if the dog owners understood the magnitude of the problem, they would not interfere with efforts to prevent this from happening to someone else in the future.

The dogs' owner declined to comment on his efforts to keep his dogs alive.

Despite a long recovery ahead, Hunter's cousin, Jayden Farley, says he's getting better. She told us, "The doctors are letting him take walks and stuff, but I think that's OK because he doing better now."

Antioch Animal Control says it will schedule a hearing for both dogs next week when the second dog is released from quarantine where it's being observed.

A family friend has set up a fund to help pay for Hunter's medical care.

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