What should happen to the Bay Bridge Troll?


Few people driving on the bridge know that on the north side is a metal figure known as the Bay Bridge Troll. It was sculpted and then welded on by workers repairing the bridge after the 1989 quake. It holds a wrench to a bridge bolt.

The debate now is when to take it down and what to do with it.

The troll can't be seen from the road, but an exact replica is going on this display this weekend at the Oakland Museum of California.

"Artist Bill Rowan made it for the iron workers to install as kind of a good luck charm," senior curator Louise Pubols said. "He based it on a children's story about a troll that protects the bridge. It's been up ever since, so maybe it's been working."

The troll is part of a new exhibit about the bay at the Oakland museum. There's a section dedicated to the construction of the original Bay Bridge.

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