Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff lends a hand


It's a gesture of giving back to a community that's rallying around a winning baseball team; a team that could soon pack up and leave.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society serves 800 meals a day, on average, to people who might otherwise go hungry.

Wolff wanted to send a message. He donated $5,000 of school supplies, and he's gave away A's tickets to anyone who donated $50 or more.

But among some fans, there's a quiet fear that just as Wolff is giving back to Oakland, he could also be preparing to take away the ball club that's been a source of pride for the city since 1968.

Wolff's been looking into moving the A's to San Jose where he's already working on plans to build Cisco Field. Major League Baseball insists the A's can't move because of a 20-year-old agreement that makes the South Bay San Francisco Giants territory.

But for now, in addition to his first place baseball team, Wolff is focusing on a good cause by feeding the hungry.

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