Oakland Mayor Quan holds walk through Fruitvale District


This marks the latest in a series of neighborhood walks for the mayor. The campaign began in Chinatown last month.

Sunday's stroll celebrated Mexican Independence Day. The Fruitvale District serves as the center of Oakland's Latino community.

"I'm hoping to lure a few people who've never been down to the Fruitvale other than to drive through, to come, to look at the great regional food, to buy some of the authentic spices and arts and crafts that you can buy from Mexico right here in this neighborhood," Mayor Quan said.

The mayor helped guide a tour for a few dozen folks as they checked out murals and other local landmarks in the Fruitvale District.

Mayor Quan doesn't think headlines about crime should keep folks from enjoying unique neighborhoods across the city.

"I know that when people are more out on the streets in any part of my city they're safer," she said. "Because people say, 'Oh well, is it safe in Oakland?' Well actually in the busy neighborhoods it's almost always safe."

She believes that neighborhoods with more foot traffic happen to have less crime than those that are more desolate.

The mayor plans on leading a walk through a different neighborhood next month.

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