Family asks public for tips in 2011 West Oakland murder


Charles Butler Jr., 23, was shot to death near his West Oakland home in December 2011 and his organs were donated to several recipients. Butler had just completed a training program to become a merchant seaman.

The arrest of Giovante Douglas this week was welcomed news for the family of Butler.

"It was joy, it was, yes, justice does get served," sister Ann Butler said.

According to investigators Butler accidentally bumped into another car as he was parallel parking outside a store.

As Butler left, he was chased down by the two men in the bumped car and was shot to death.

Police say Douglas is the suspected driver of the car that sped after Butler just a couple days before Christmas in 2011.

Police say the suspected shooter, Cartier Hunter is still on the loose. Butler's family is hoping that more tips will come in to help detectives track him down.

"We're hoping that someone sees him, someone that knows him can give us the information needed for his capture," Ann said.

According to Butler's family, Douglas and Hunter have long been suspects in this case. At least one of them was arrested and then released last year.

The district attorney's office cited a lack of evidence then.

Police say the public has responded with new tips in the case after a recent public plea for help by Butler's ailing father.

It's Butler's father's final wish to see the accused brought to justice.

"He wants to be there. He wants to be there in court. He wants to see their faces," Ann said.

With new information, the district attorney's office has formally charged Douglas and Hunter in this case.

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