7 On Your Side tests rescue tool for car accidents


We never want to even think about being in those situations, but they happen. And if you take precautions now, you might just be able to save your own life.

Your car is on fire... how do you get out? Your car lands in water, it is filling up fast. How do you get out? A device called Resqme could be the answer. Small enough to fit on a keychain, their developer says they save lives. If you look between the two plastic pieces, you can see a razor blade to cut your way out of a seat belt. It also has a little piece of metal that can break a window as good as a hammer, giving you an escape route.

"Hammer goes in with a smash, it makes a physical move. Where with this it is a spring load that brings it back with the force of 12 pounds to shatter the window," said Laurent Colasse, the CEO of Resqme.

Sounds good, but does it really work?

Colasse meet us at the Pick N' Pull Salvage Yard in Oakland. The people there donated a car, so we could put the Resqme me to the test.

Laurent gets into the car, shuts the door and puts on the seatbelt. He pulls the Resqme me from its key chain. First off he uses the Resqme to cut himself free from the seat belt and it seems to work like a charm. Now he quickly breaks the glass before our eyes.

OK, it works with an expert is using it, but how about you or me? I repeat the same steps, beginning with the seat belt, then the window.

"It's shocking when that happens. Your heart skips a beat, but you would be happy with it if you were under water," said Finney.

The Resqme is sold in stores and online and costs between $10 and $15.

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