Lafayette girl writes songs for Malala


Malala Yousafzai is the girl who was shot and nearly killed by the Taliban a year ago for expressing the view that girls in Pakistan have the right to an education. Her outspoken crusade has inspired girls and adults around the world, including a 12-year-old Bay Area girl who made a real connection with Malala.

A year ago, Samantha Martin of Lafayette heard about what had happened to Malala and was inspired to write a song and produce a music video. It was posted on YouTube. Eventually Malala's father saw it, showed it to Malala and they were connected.

Just two weeks ago, Samantha Martin of Lafayette was Skyping with Malala.

Samantha: "We're all supporting you and you know that."
Malala: "And you are a very good musician and I hope you will be a good singer."

Samantha who is only 12, has written two songs for Malala, inspired by her message of educating girls around the world.

"I think it's amazing. Everyone is seeing what she can do. She is getting all these awards, she is opening libraries, she is writing a book, they are making a documentary about her," said Samantha.

"And I'm proud to be a girl, We girls can change the world. Are girls with me?" said Malala to a crowd of people on Friday at the World Bank in D.C.

The left side of her face is slightly paralyzed, but remarkably she suffered no brain damage. A year ago she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman.

"Today you can see that I am alive," said Malala four months ago.

Since then, she has become a voice for change in countries that don't allow girls to be educated. She recently addressed the United Nations and has released a book titled "I Am Malala." Today she no longer wants to be a doctor.

"I have chosen politics because politicians only need to speak," said Malala.

At age 16, Malala admits she doesn't have a normal teenage life, but says she can live with that.

"And if I dedicate myself to education, then it means that I am helping those 57 million children who are out of schools," said Malala.

Making friends with girls like Samantha is one of the things she enjoys the most.

"Thank you guys. It was nice talking to you," said Samantha to Malala.

Malala was at the White House on Friday, meeting with President Barack Obama, the first lady and their daughter Malia inside the oval office.

Malala is a student in Birmingham, England where she has received much of her treatment. On Friday she said her favorite subject is physics, she admits she's not very good at it and her favorite book is "The Alchemist."

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