FBI busts drug ring in 4 East Bay cities


FBI agents say the drug activity happening inside a Pittsburg home was part of a dangerous drug cartel. Authorities found cocaine inside the house which is located next door to a home full of children, and on the same block as a junior high school and a daycare center.

"I feel totally relieved, but totally upset. Unacceptable that people would use our neighborhood to do things like that," said daycare center owner Yolanda Braggs.

Braggs said some of her customers decided not to drop off their kids today when they saw the drug raid going on down the street.

"We take our kids for walks. You never know. The school is right there. My grandkids walk to school; it's not nice that this would happen," she said.

Agents started began the raid at 6 a.m. and served warrants at six locations in four cities, including: Oakley, Concord and Antioch. They made four arrests, seizing methamphetamine and cocaine. The agents are working without a paycheck due to the government shutdown, but decided these raids couldn't wait.

"Yeah, we thought that the threat was there. The threat being, in this case, the distribution of drugs, so we needed to stop this individual and organized crime ring here in the East Bay immediately. And that's why we chose to do it today," said FBI spokesperson Peter Lee.

Residents say they never saw suspicious activity around the Pittsburg home and didn't know the man who was arrested here.

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