City College of San Francisco picks a new chancellor


Tyler was offered the job as chancellor two days ago. His appointment is seen as a sign that City College is trying to get things back to normal.

"Yes, we will get the accreditation done," Tyler said. "Yes, we will continue to find a way to continue to be the best economic engine for this city and the surrounding region."

City College will lose its accreditation next July unless it's able to make drastic financial and managerial changes, all of which are being worked on. For example, the college recently hired a firm to try to collect money from students who haven't paid.

"To take a hard look at student payments, to recoup several million dollars in unpaid student fees," said California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris.

Tyler has worked at other community colleges in Houston, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. He will report to the special trustee Robert Agrella.

"Dr. Argrella is the governance of the institution and I will lead the administrative function of the institution that will make recommendations to the board, in this case to Dr. Argrella," Tyler said.

"I think he has a wealth of experience and I'm very very pleased with the choice that's been made," faculty member Susan Berston said.

"Listen to what the faculty wants, what the students want, and just keep an open ear," student Wendy Liu said.

Tyler, who is 63, is a product of community colleges.

"I left home when I was 15 and a half," he said. "I had an argument with my father and I never went back, so I was homeless for a little while. I was a kid on the street and I had some wonderful teachers who got me through high school and then I went on to college."

Tyler will stay on as chancellor for at least two years. He begins on Nov 1. His salary: $285,000.

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