Graffiti covers Glen Park BART station


Graffiti greeted riders at the Glen Park BART station, from one end of the platform to the other, from the stairs, to the marble benches, to the elevator, the walls, even the tracks.

"Disgusting, it really is," BART rider Nancy Whipple said.

BART'S police chief says his officers and non-union staff were patrolling BART property during the strike, but this is one of nine incidents on both sides of the bay..

"Some people have cut holes in the fence, some people climbed over the fence," Chief Kenton Rainey said. "We do have cameras throughout the system we will be reviewing the cameras for any leads or evidence."

ABC7 News learned about the vandalism at the Glen Park station from ABC7 News viewer Austin Scott, who tweeted pictures of the graffiti Tuesday morning.

Scott wasn't the only one snapping photos of the scrawls and scribbles that marred what regular riders say is a normally clean station. Mike O'Sullivan says not only is it disgusting, but bad art.

"It's really poor workmanship, very bad quality," O'Sullivan said.

Two graffiti vandals were caught in Richmond on BART property. Now the search is on for suspects in San Francisco.

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