Parents upset Safeway changing eScript program


It's fairly common to use a credit card at the grocery store. The majority of Scotts Valley High School parents do and that's why they registered for Safeway's eScrip program. It allows a percentage of their transactions to go back to the school's PTA.

However, Safeway is changing the terms on Nov. 1. The eScrip program will only fund education, when using cash, a check, or debit card, but not a credit card.

In a statement, Safeway said, "It is difficult to make a donation from a sale when we also incur a high credit card transaction fee on that sale."

"I am sure we will have less funding from this," said Aura Clendenen from the Scotts Valley High School parent club. She uses a credit card while shopping at Safeway and likes that it helps eScrip and earns her miles and points.

eScrip is the parent club's largest funding source. It raised $12,000 through the program last year.

"$12,000 is a drop in the bucket for Safeway. It's nothing, but it means a lot to us," said Clendenen.

Part of that $12,000 went to teachers. They each got $200 which, in turn, was spent on the students.

"Erase markers to construction paper, markers for the students. It's a little extra help," said Jon Tiffany, a history teacher.

The rest of the money paid for student club events and registration fees.

"Knowing we have the PTA to back us up with the funds is really a load off our backs," said Lizzie Torrez, a student.

Safeway hopes to cushion the blow, but eliminating the program's donation cap.

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