Students get tour of Tesla factory


Tesla opened its doors to demonstrate how STEM subjects are used in our daily lives and how new inventions can change lives. But more importantly Tesla and Google paired to show the kids, many from underserved communities, that they too can succeed in this field.

"A lot of times kids don't realize that, A. they can do these jobs and, B. that science and engineering, heroic engineering is one of the greatest jobs in the world, to make the world a better plan through invention and innovation," Google X Vice President Megan Smith said.

Google brought its self-driving car. Students learned how the car moves on the highway thanks to laser technology and an internal camera.

"It's really interesting to see that concept of electric cars because I really don't know that much about electric cars but it's really interesting," student Femi Ajose said.

But the Tesla factory isn't the only STEM-related place. Kimbal Musk, the brother of Tesla's CEO is about to introduce the Kitchen Community to Northern California schools. It's a garden where teachers can have outdoor classes to teach science and math.

"If we can inspire 10 of these kids out of 200 to have the same level of impact that people can have in the tech business, the I think we have done our job," Musk said.

To top it all off, the students were invited to a private screening of the new sci-fi movie "Ender's Game," perhaps the best example of the endless possibilities of technology.

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