Teens arrested for armed robbery of middle schooler in Antioch


Police tell me two Deer Valley High School students were arrested at the school around 1 p.m. Friday. Both were charged with armed robbery.

The woman's son is a student at Black Diamond Middle School. Even though two Deer Valley HS students have been arrested for robbing her son with a gun, she's still afraid to reveal her family's identity; especially her son's.

"He said, 'this time he showed me his gun,'" the mother said. "I could hear his voice crack so I knew he was upset."

She says five high school students surrounded her 13-year-old son Thursday at a bus stop in Antioch.

"Then he said, 'give me all of your money,'" the mother said. "And he pulled up his shirt and showed him his gun."

The boy's mother claims the teen who had the gun even threatened to kill her son two weeks ago.

She's upset the suspect was in school Friday, one day after her son was robbed.

"I think they should have immediately sent out some type of alert over the phone to other parents so other parents can know the situation," she said. "What if it's another Colorado school shooting? Then what?"

As of Friday night, no parents from the victim's middle school or the high school have been notified. The school district will only say that it's working closely with police.

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