Crews working to restore Crown Memorial State Beach in Alameda


Construction has been going on for several weeks and tremendous progress has been made over the last few days.

Crews are putting back what nature has washed away over the last 25 years on the beach in Alameda.

As a giant tube pours tons of wet sand on the shoreline, bulldozers move it around to rebuild the beach, to its original 1987 footprint.

"This is a manmade beach and as you can see it has become very narrow. This is going to restore it to its original engineered footprint and everyone will get a chance to enjoy beautiful Crown and Alameda beaches," East Bay Regional Parks spokesperson Emily Hopkins said.

The sand is being pumped through a temporary pipeline, that extends from a barge sitting out about a half mile offshore. The material was vacuumed from the floor of the bay near Angel Island.

In the end, 82,000 cubic yards of sand will be imported here, to rebuild a beach that is a mile and a half in length.

An Alameda resident, Howard Harawitz, stopped by on his bike to take some pictures of the process.

"There's no trucks. I mean it would take an enormous number of trucks going up and down our street here, to do it any other way. They're doing it right I think," Harawitz said.

The reconstruction of Crown Beach is expected to be done by the end of the year and should last two decades or more.

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