Pedestrian hit in Vallejo, dragged half a mile


The Vallejo man, who was disabled, was first hit at Broadway and Hogan and then dragged nearly a mile to the intersection of Mini and Stanford Drive.

It was 6 p.m., dark and the roads were wet. So weather is definitely a factor that investigators are examining.

Witnesses say the 89-year-old driver of a Mercedes didn't realize he had dragged a pedestrian nearly half a mile down the road until he was flagged down.

"Unfortunately there's a loss of life here tonight and it's a result it's a horrible, horrible accident," said Vallejo Police Sgt. Stephen Darden.

A woman told ABC7 News her 41-year-old cousin is the victim. He was at the intersection of Broadway Street and Hogan Avenue in Vallejo when the female driver struck him.

"I can tell you that there's no crosswalk in that area. It's fairly dark there," said Darden.

The impact knocked the victim into the next lane where he was hit and dragged by the 89-year-old driver. He finally stopped in front of resident Emily Hofilana's house.

"My children, they heard tires screeching and they looked out and saw the body under the front end of the car," said Hofilana.

Firefighters had to use air bags to lift the car and remove the victim who died at the scene. Hofilana says the elderly driver lives in her neighborhood.

"Physically, he seems to do well. He gets around OK. Most of the time when we see him he's walking. He gets around OK," said Hofilana.

The victim's relative told ABC7 News her cousin regularly crosses the intersection and her cousin had been disabled by polio since childhood.

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