East Bay still clearing downed trees from windstorm


A giant toppled eucalyptus tree has become an attraction for anybody with a camera on Lake Merritt. The tree base alone is about 30-feet.

Oakland resident Gretchen Wegner is taking home a few branches to remember the mighty tree which fell during Thursday's windstorm.

"I'm not sure I ever saw the tree before because I think it's so big and high," she said.

But everyone sees it now. The city is working on a plan to remove it.

Elsewhere, city tree crews are out removing as many limbs and branches they can get to. Two large trees fell in a front yard off Broadway Terrace. Luckily they missed the house, but took out the mailbox. A temporary one is on duty.

Down the street it's a high wire act for private tree cutters who were removing broken branches.

"We normally don't work weekends," tree cutter Carlos Cervantes said. "But with all the trees falling, what can we do?"

In Rockridge a crane carefully removed a giant cedar tree from Tish Campbell's backyard. It fell Thursday against her house. And believe or not, there's little damage.

"It's remarkable, I've been extremely fortunate," Campbell said. "I have a whole bunch of antique glass right near where the tree fell and hit the house. One plate fell off and broke, but that's it."

In a park near Oakland's Children's Fairyland, a favorite pine tree is gone.

"I wish it didn't cause I think plants should live their life," said one little boy.

Oakland alone had about 200 toppled trees on city properties. Other cities like Piedmont and Berkeley are also still cleaning up.

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