Artist creates masterpieces using Etch A Sketch


Artist Carrie Johns makes a living doing landscapes and portraits in Louisville, Kentucky. However, her real masterpieces aren't created by the touch of her paintbrush, but by the twisting of two white knobs on an Etch A Sketch.

From the Roman Coliseum, to the Twin Towers, to national champion Louisville Cardinals, Carrie brings them to life with a toy she used to play with as a kid during long car rides.

"I needed something to keep me busy, so I just started drawing on it and everybody was impressed. You have to treat it as a piece of art. You can't, you know... You have to leave it straight up. You can't drop it. You have to be really careful with it because if you break it, it's done," she explained.

The process can be painstaking and time consuming. She has done only two or three a year, but says she'd like to do more.

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