5-year-old Milpitas boy has extraordinary art talent


Just an hour a day in front of a canvas has resulted in a full wall of art. The artist is Thanmay Sarath and like any other 5-year-old, he's full of energy. He can't sit still long, except when it comes to his art.

"It's me and him at the beach actually," said Sarath Changaramkumarath, Sarath's father. "When he is drawing it's for an hour or something. He will be in the same spot with a super serious face and serious act, which is kind of unbelievable."

What's just as amazing is Sarath's vast portfolio. He started painting when he was just one-and-a half years old. His father started a website of his work last year, which is also when he joined Mensa.

"I feel very proud of him. It's a special feeling," said Changaramkumarath.

The owner of a Sunnyvale art gallery also saw something special in Sarath. When he was just 4 years old -- two months ago -- Sarath and his father rented space for the little boy's first art exhibit.

"A couple of people were interested in these kinds of pictures," said Changaramkumarath.

However, none of the paintings are for sale, at least not until Sarath decides for himself.

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