Buyer beware on weight loss procedures

SAN JOSE , Calif.

Signing up was the easy part. Getting a refund after she cancelled the next day proved difficult.

It all sounded so good at the time when Cheryl Daley heard the sales pitch. But then she began to have second thoughts.

"And, I was wanting to try and lose a little bit more from my problem area which is my stomach," said Daley.

She visited the Physicians Skin and Weight Center in Campbell. They offer a procedure that's promises to melt fat and tighten your skin.

"I really was very excited for the wedding and I wanted to look my best," said Daley.

So she signed up for the $9,000 procedure, only to have second thoughts moments later.

"As a single mom, can I really, should I really do this? Can I really do this?" said Daley.

She decided she couldn't, so she cancelled the very next day. She was told her financing, with two different companies, would be cancelled and her debt wiped out. But the bills began to arrive a few weeks later.

"One in the amount of $5,000 and the other, it was over $4,000," said Daley.

The finance companies told Daley she needed to take the matter up with Physicians Skin and Weight Center. The center told her they needed more time to process the refund.

But the finance companies began adding finance and late charges to Daley's bill. Six weeks after cancelling her procedure, she contacted 7 On Your Side.

"I felt like I was alone in this and I needed somebody on my side," said Daley.

After 7 On Your Side contacted the center, it refunded $8,400 of the $9,000. It declined to refund the money for the initial tests done.

"Had I just taken a moment to think about it and not agree to something right then and there in the office, I wouldn't be in this situation three months later," said Daley.

Physicians Skin and Weight Center declined a request for an on-camera interview and despite numerous attempts, did not send a comment.

Daley says her daughter had a lovely wedding.

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