Palo Alto prepares for dual celebrations


The countdown is on and the celebration is in full swing. Rudy's Pub on University Avenue has been open for 50 New Year celebrations, but this is its last. Rent has gone up, so Rudy's is out. It won't be open on Wednesday for one of the biggest events of the season - the Rose Bowl.

"I wish I could be open tomorrow. I wish I didn't have to go. I wish I could say forever," said Megan Kawkab, the Rudy's Pub owner.

Other bars managers in Palo Alto are pulling double duty by celebrating the New Year while prepping for New Year's Day. Stanford is in the Rose Bowl for a second year in a row. That means big crowds at Old Pro Sports Bar.

"A lot of Stanford alums travel to Pasadena, but so that stadium only holds only so many people. So once all those tickets are sold out the rest of them come here," said Old Pro Bar manager Strong Wang.

Next to the cases of champagne for the New Year are dozens of kegs of beer for the game. The kitchen is already slammed as staffers get ready for the game.

The timing, the work, and the planning all means a profitable start to the New Year.

The Rose Bowl game is on our sister network ESPN with kick-off scheduled shortly after 2 p.m.

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