Another round of king tide flooding to hit Sausalito, Mill Valley


On Wednesday morning, houseboat residents at the Kappas Marina had to put on rain boots just to go out for a walk.

The water was ankle deep at some points, so houseboat residents had to use planks to get across. People who live there say they are used to flooding during high tide.

"The tide comes up and it floods our parking lot and makes things a little unpredictable," Lisa Manthe said. "But as long as you go with it, it's fine."

Sausalito resident Jay Lalezari added, "When it's a full tide like this one, it's just get your booties on. And make sure your car is not parked on that side of the parking lot."

King tides have flooded the road since Monday.

That's because these extreme tides can be up to two feet bigger than regular high tide.

Thursday's king tides arrived along the coast starting around 11:30 a.m.

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