7 On Your Side: Man finds way to fly for free


Who doesn't like something for nothing, especially travel? Well, I have met a guy who has traveled the world for free and here you are going to get in on his secrets.

Lining up at security, or waiting for delayed flights would be a much different experience if you knew you were flying for free... wouldn't it? Well you can fly free.

Travel expert Scott Ford has a website dedicated to free travel called Packabagandgo.com.

"I volunteer to give up my seat in exchange for hefty airline vouchers. We often hear the announcements at the gates in airports where flights can be oversold or there's a situation where there's mechanical or weather, and that also creates an oversold situation," said Ford.

That's when airlines go looking for volunteers and Ford is there willing, ready and able to help.

"I simply act as that kind and generous volunteer to get those vouchers because I know they can pay for the next trip or next ticket," said Ford.

Now he doesn't just fly willy-nilly hoping to volunteer. He actually plans his travel hoping he will be bumped.

"I do, on purpose. And typically one would fly on a nonstop from San Francisco to New York, but I would do the connection or even a double connection in one day, knowing that the connection is tight or even knowing the second flight is going to be oversold and I will get stuck in a hub city, so I'm acting as a volunteer in the middle of the country," said Ford.

Another tip is to avoid redeyes because those flights have plenty of seats available. Here's the secret that will really get you flying -- you can identify potentially oversold flights by going online and searching the seating charts and look for nearly full flights.

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