Agencies look to protect Marin County's Muir Woods


Muir Woods is a money maker for the National Park Service and often a trouble maker for locals.

Tuesday, the Marin County Board of Supervisors took a stand on the issue that could affect the million annual visitors.

They do come from everywhere. And now, those who love Muir Woods worry that it might be too popular.

"I think John Muir would be appalled at what's happening at Muir Woods today," said Muir Beach resident Paul Jeschke.

Tuesday, the board of supervisors drafted a letter to the National Park Service about plans to manage the masses. A large parking area is off the table, but there's a reservation plan in the works.

The county will ask for a scientific study.

"One thing that has to be taken into consideration, is what's happening to those trees that the park service is charged with protecting," said Jeschke.

Locals would like to cap park visits a 750,000 people a year, but this is a money-making venture for the National Park Service.

Thomas Burford works as a volunteer in the park. He says it gets busy on weekends, but never crowded.

"Well I think that anything that we take away from the public doesn't help them. This is one of our treasures. We should make sure that it's protected," said Burford.

And, apparently, protection must be negotiated.

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