Tour bus ban at SFF's Alamo Square goes into effect

January 15, 2014 11:49:46 AM PST
Starting Wednesday, tour buses are no longer welcome on some of the smaller streets of San Francisco's Alamo Square.

The Board of Supervisors passed a ban last November to keep passenger vehicles with more than nine seats out of Alamo Square.

Residents say the buses blocked streets, slowed traffic, and made parking impossible.

"I'm not against tourism," resident Robert Milton said. "I'm born and raised in San Francisco, it's all good, but you got to find a way where it doesn't mess with the community."

Fellow resident William Thompson added, "There's no drama here, but it's the fact that it's a real small street and you can't do that here."

Alamo Square is hugely popular for out of town tourists because it is home to the historic Victorian homes known as the Painted Ladies.