Teen who stole Guy Fieri's Lamborghini gets life term


Wade's plans for another crime, a takeover robbery of a renowned jewelry store in San Francisco, played no role Thursday as the judge wouldn't allow it in, but, she gave wade a very serious sentence.

Wade's mother rushed from the courtroom in tears after the sentence, pledging to continue the fight with an appeal.

"It's not over," Leylla Wade said.

The judge only allowed a photographer from wade's old high school newspaper into the hearing. Wade had virtually no reaction to the sentence.

"I think Max was prepared, had prepared himself for what was going to happen today," Wade's attorney Charles Dresow said.

The judge sentenced Wade to life and a 20-year gun enhancement for a drive-by shooting in Mill Valley. Wade tried to scare away a teen who dated a girl he liked. The judge said they were lucky to escape with their lives.

Wade also received 16 months for rappelling into a San Francisco dealership and stealing celebrity chef Guy Fieri's Lamborghini.

"He still is a very violent and sophisticated criminal," Marin County prosecutor Yvette Martinez-Shaw said. "This case is not about a Lamborghini, it's not about a celebrity, it's about somebody who came within inches of taking two teenagers lives."

The I-Team spoke to the two Marin County detectives who cracked the Wade case -- they arrested and spoke with him several times.

"One of the things I told him is that I didn't feel comfortable walking down the same sidewalk as him," Ryan Petersen said. "Despite his age, despite of that, I wouldn't want my mom or my girlfriend to be walking down the same street as Max Wade."

"It is kind of sad for someone who was 17 years old when he did this to be looking at this incredible prison sentence, but he definitely planned it out very carefully and as the DA pointed out much more carefully than many of the adult offenders we see, the career adult offenders we see," Greg Garrett said.

Wade's lawyer is planning an appeal, but at this point, he will have to spend 15 years or more in prison, before being eligible parole. He'll be 34 years old before he has a chance to get out of prison.

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