Could California be on the verge of a megadrought?

We've had them before. Researchers have documented droughts in California that have lasted more than 200 years.

So far the dry spell we're in now has lasted only a couple of years. But after studying tree rings and other natural evidence, one expert says we are on pace to have the driest rainfall season since 1580. That's more than 400 years!

Meanwhile in Marin County, water officials will meet on Tuesday in what's being billed as a drought summit.

The drought has cut Marin reservoir levels in half and has dried up 95 percent of the county's pasture land.

According to our media partner, the Marin Independent Journal, the summit will address the dramatic depletion of the local water supply, and what to do about it.

Gov. Jerry brown has declared a drought emergency and is calling for a 20 percent voluntary cutback in water use.

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