Zuckerberg shines at Open Compute Summit

SAN JOSE. Calif.

It was ten years ago next week that Zuckerberg released his first version of Facebook at Harvard University.

"We had this conversation where it was like, 'alright, it's awesome that now there's this utility and community at our school, but clearly someone someday, someone is going to build this for the world.' And, it didn't even occur to me that it could be us," said Zuckerberg.

The past, present and future of his company were on Zukerberg's mind as he spoke to thousands in the technology industry.

His current initiative is the Open Compute Project that has more than 100 companies collaborating on hardware and infrastructure, reducing costs and energy consumption.

"We've saved the equivalent amount of energy of 40,000 homes in a year and saved the amount of emissions equivalent to taking 50,000 cars off the road," said Zuckerberg.

Norman Yeung of Samsung supports such industry partnerships.

"Because the industry is moving so fast they're no such a thing as secrets. The secret would be useful for this period, next period it's not useful anymore. So, you just continue to try innovation," said Yeung.

The new innovation for the social network is a lofty mission known as Internet.org

"Our goal, to try to bring affordable, or even free basic internet services to everyone in the world," Zuckerberg.

"So, when you think of it from a world's perspective, and two-thirds of the world is not using technology, it is very intriguing. It is a very powerful, kind of, notion I think," said Rhonda Duda of Advanced Validation Labs.

Wednesday, Facebook reports its earnings and along with the tech industry, Wall Street will be watching as well.

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